AFNOG 2004 and AFRINIC meetings will be held at NGOR-DIARAMA HOTEL
A complex of 3 hotels: NGOR HOTEL****(124 rooms), DIARAMA HOTEL***(80 rooms) and  CALAO(100 BUNGALOWS)

Dakar 9-24 may 2004

Folks will stay at DIARAMA hotel, workshops and meetings will be at NGOR hotel.

See below a gallery of pictures from the site visit done by APB and AINA : 9-14 March 2004.

hotel ngor          ngor
Hotel NGOR                                                            
hotel diarama  

 CALAO's bungalow
conference room

conf room
Hotel NGOR's conference room
Salon no name(good for T1 and term room)
 salon sine
Salon SINE SALOUN (good for T3)
salon yoff
Salon YOFF -1st floor (good for secretariat)
salon somone  
Salon SOMONE(good for T2)
 secretariat room
Salon no name (good for NOC)
salon casamance
Salon CASAMANCE - 1st floor
 duplex rooom at NGOR
NGOR's duplex room
room at ngor
NGOR's simplex room
room at diarama
DIARAMA's room
CALAO's room

Thanks to  the local organizing committee and  hotel's staff